Grow your own vegetables with our range of high quality seeds, bulbs and plantlets. The vegetables we stock range from popular, easy to grow varieties to the more advanced for those keen for a challenge.

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  • Onion Sets “Turbo” – Spring planting

    Onion Sets “Turbo”  (Spring planting) is a golden-brown skinned variety, it’s late maturing and produces good yields of medium-sized onions.

    The rounded bulbs have a papery, thin skin with crisp, firm flesh and a deliciously strong flavour that is suitable for use in cooking and delicious eaten raw in salads and sandwiches.

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  • Seed Potato “Pink Fir Apple” – Maincrop

    Seed Potato “Pink Fir Apple” – Maincrop is one of the oldest maincrop varieties still in use today! Loved for its buttery, waxy texture and nutty flavour.

    An unusual shaped potato, long and knobbly, yet beautifully formed.

    This variety is delicious boiled or steamed in their skin.

    Pink Fir Apple holds an Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).

    To ensure long storage be sure not to damage them when harvesting.

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  • Seed Potato “Cara” – Maincrop

    Seed Potato “Cara” – Maincrop is an extremely high yielding Irish variety.

    This variety produces tubers that are oval-round in shape with smooth skin and shallow eyes.

    Beautifully coloured white and pink skin. Cara has soft, floury white flesh, therefore is great for baking, chipping and perfect for wedges.

    Cara thrives best on light soils, has good resistance to blight and stores very well.

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  • Seed Potato “Marfona” – Second Early

    Seed Potato “Marfona” – Second Early is one of the most well known and popular varieties throughout the UK.

    A consistently very well performing variety benefiting from a high yield.

    Tubers are oval shaped, with yellow-ish skin, creamy flesh with a wondeful flavour.

    These waxy potatoes are great for boiling, steaming, chipping and baking.

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  • Seed Potato “Estima” – Second Early

    Seed Potato “Estima” – Second Early is a versatile option for your allotment or veg patch.

    ‘Estima’ is a stock favourite on the supermarket shelves. If harvested early it is ideal for boiling or mashing, while leaving in the ground for longer, it produces wonderful baking potatoes.

    A heavy cropper, the large oval tubers have a smooth skin, and pale yellow flesh that has a subtle flavour.

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  • Seed Potato “Accord” – First Early

    Seed Potato “Accord” – First Early is a first early variety that produces high yields of uniform, oval, pale tubers with a delicate skin

    They look, cook and taste superb!

    The high dry matter texture of this variety means they’re firmer and hold their shape better during cooking which makes them a great choice for chips, wedges, steamed, boiled and more.

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  • Seed Potato “Orla” – First Early or Early Maincrop

    Seed Potato – Orla is a very popular variety for the organic grower due to their high blight resistance. They can be grown as a first early or instead left to mature as an early maincrop.

    Orla are one of the better tasting potato varieties available, and produce large crops of bold white tubers.

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  • Seed Potato “Picasso” – Early Maincrop

    Seed Potato “Picasso” – Early Maincrop. Developed from “Cara”, this early maincrop variety has the same creamy skin and striking bright pink/red eyes.

    Picasso produces huge yields of waxy fleshed tubers with good all round disease and drought resistance making it a commercial, garden and allotment favourite.

    A versatile variety in the kitchen, particularly for baking and mashing.

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  • Onion Sets “Red Baron”

    Onion Sets “Red Baron” is a mid-late maturing variety. Produces firm, flattish-round bulbs of a beautiful dark red colour. With eye-catching red rimmed flesh and a stronger flavour than most varieties.

    This RHS AGM variety makes an attractive addition to salads. An excellent cropping red onion with good storage properties.

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  • Onion Sets “Sturon”

    Onion Sets “Sturon” is a flavourful variety that produces round-ish, straw-coloured onions that typically mature in August.

    This Onion is great for storage and can produce high yields. Can also be used for growing onion sets.

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  • Shallot Sets “Golden Gourmet”

    Shallot Sets “Golden Gourmet” are the easiest way to grow shallots in your garden! Planted very early in the season, in mid-February if possible, they mature faster than those grown from seed.

    Golden Gourmet’ is a very high yielding, Dutch variety that can be harvested as early as July.

    It has a golden brown skin, stores well and has better resistance to bolting than many other varieties.

    Superb for pickling and general cooking when extra strength is required.

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  • Seed Potato “Red Duke of York” – First Early

    Seed Potato “Red Duke of York” – First Early is a heritage variety and is one of the few red-skinned, cream-fleshed Earlies with high dry matter (floury). It has a delightful flavour and grows relatively large.

    Can be harvested as New and are versatile for boiling, steaming, mashing, chipping, baking and roasting.

    This potato is an RHS “Award of Garden Merit” winner.

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