Onion Sets

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  • Garlic Bulbs – Germidour – Pink

    Garlic Bulbs – Germidour – Pink is a French variety favourite that produces mild-flavoured cloves with dappled pink skin.

    Germidour is a reliable, soft-neck variety that produces large, white and pink bulbs with a rich flavour.

    Very easy to grow with little maintenance!

    Height: 60cm (24in). Spread: 15cm (6in).

    Please get in touch for further details or for FREE expert advice.

    £3.15 Per 100g
  • Garlic Bulbs – Vigor – White

    Garlic Bulbs – Vigor – White are a larger French variety that produces around 15 cloves with a superb, strong flavour and white to pink skin.

    As Vigor doesn’t flower, all the energy goes into growing these very fine bulbs.

    Very easy to grow with little maintenance!

    Please get in touch for further details or for FREE expert advice.

    £3.15 Per 100g
  • Onion Sets “Turbo” – Spring planting

    Onion Sets “Turbo”  (Spring planting) is a golden-brown skinned variety, it’s late maturing and produces good yields of medium-sized onions.

    The rounded bulbs have a papery, thin skin with crisp, firm flesh and a deliciously strong flavour that is suitable for use in cooking and delicious eaten raw in salads and sandwiches.

    £0.55 Per 100g
  • Onion Sets “Red Baron”

    Onion Sets “Red Baron” is a mid-late maturing variety. Produces firm, flattish-round bulbs of a beautiful dark red colour. With eye-catching red rimmed flesh and a stronger flavour than most varieties.

    This RHS AGM variety makes an attractive addition to salads. An excellent cropping red onion with good storage properties.

    £0.80 Per 100g
  • Onion Sets – Sturon

    Onion Sets – Sturon is a flavourful variety that produces excellent globe-shaped, straw-coloured onions with light golden skin and delightfully flavoured,  crisp flesh.

    Sturon is a good choice due to its wonderful rich flavour, its high yield, and is well-suited to storing for longer periods.

    Plant in Spring from March to April, and they will be ready to harvest in July, August and September.

    Plant next to potted Mint to deter Onion Fly.

    £0.55 Per 100g
  • Shallot Sets – Golden Gourmet

    Shallot Sets – Golden Gourmet have golden brown skins, pale flesh with a wonderful flavour and store well into winter.

    Golden Gourmet are easy to grow and an improved strain of the traditional variety Giant Yellow.

    Planted very early in the season, in mid-February if possible, they mature faster than those grown from seed.

    This variety has larger and better quality bulbs with a reduced likelihood of bolting.

    Golden Gourmet is a very high-yielding, Dutch variety that can be harvested as early as July.

    Superb for pickling and general cooking when extra strength is required.

    £0.65 Per 100g