So it’s winter, and your looking for that product to help you with either the snow, ice or for that festive period called Christmas or Hanukkah
Millstone Garden Centre have you covered with a range of festive real Christmas trees, rock salt and other various products to help you on the way this winter season.
Cannot find what your looking for on our on-line store? contact our knowledgeable team for more information.

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  • Festive Foliage Craft Bundles

    Create your own festive decorations

    These bundles are perfect for crafting your own festive wreaths, door decorations or luscious table centrepieces

    Contents can include Conifer, Laurel, Rosemary, Holly, Ivy, Christmas Tree, Eucalyptus and more, if available

    As these bundles vary with availability, please get in touch or visit the Garden Centre for a full description or to discuss your requirements

  • Christmas Trees

    Treat yourself and your family to a REAL Christmas Tree!

    Choose from Norway Spruce, Nordmann Fir, Noble Fir and Blue Spruce

    All 4 varieties have different colours, needle shapes, fragrance, branch structures and needle drop-rates

    We have a range of options to suit every location, preference and budget – Freshly-cut, Root-ball, Pot-Grown and Home-grown from 12in to 9ft, larger trees on request

    As we stock various shapes and sizes please get in touch or visit the Garden Centre for full details.

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  • Premium Brown Rock Salt 0-6mm

    Premium Brown Rock Salt 0-6mm – Perfect for clearing paths, patios and driveways FAST!

    This winter de-icing grit is 99.9% naturally sourced Rock Salt, complete with 0.003% of anti-caking agent to ensure ease of use.

    Supplied in durable 20kg bags which are unique in their manufacture by having an inner black layer to retain freshness.

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