Our quality, Peat-free, Weed-free, light Topsoil is perfect for multiple uses!

Its sandy, light,  consistency helps create the perfect surface that can be easily levelled, trodden and raked to create a very fine finish prior to the laying of Turf or the sewing of Grass seed.

If you have heavy, clay or poor quality soil, our light top soil will, once combined, improve the texture and introduce air into the ground for a much more healthy growing environment.

It is Friable (crumbly) even in wet weather conditions making it possible for anyone to easily lay a new lawn in any weather at any time of the year.

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  • Levington Peat Free Organic Blend Topsoil 20 Litre

    Levington Peat Free Organic Blend Top Soil is an organic rich fertile loam-based soil that promotes healthy root growth.

    Perfect for creating new, or improving the soil in existing beds, pots, planters, borders and your beloved veg patch!

    It’s also useful in levelling lawns and a great ingredient in making quality compost.

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  • Premium Quality Topsoil

    Our quality-screened, peat-free, weed-free, light Topsoil is perfect in the preparation for laying Turf or alternatively, it creates an excellent seed bed due to its fine structure.

    Our topsoil is also great for improving heavy or clay soils while improving drainage and aeration.

    Discounts apply for larger quantities. Enquire about our low-cost speedy delivery service.

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