Wooden Barrels

Watertight wooden barrels make the perfect planter or even a wonderful water feature!

We stock a wide range of both original Oak Whisky barrels or casks, and new, perfectly coopered Birch Barrels.

All produced in Scotland to the highest standards.

Our solid Oak barrel planters are made entirely from repurposed Scottish Oak Whisky barrels and will enhance and compliment any style of garden.

They are ideally suited to an assortment of plants, flowers and small trees, providing the perfect container for a wide range of environments.

Our new Birch planters are designed to offer a contemporary addition to your home and the garden.

Features a sharper edge, finished with natural galvanised steel hoops and a clear coating emphasising the natural colour and grain of the Birch.

Our selection of planters ranges in size from 40cm (16in) to 86cm (34in)

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