Garlic Bulbs – Vigor – White

Garlic Bulbs – Vigor – White

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Garlic Bulbs – Vigor – White are a larger French variety that produces around 15 cloves with a superb, strong flavour and white to pink skin.

As Vigor doesn’t flower, all the energy goes into growing these very fine bulbs.

Very easy to grow with little maintenance!

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Plant the cloves out from September through to January for a harvest June to July.

A 2cm depth should be sufficient and 10-15cm apart.

If planting in rows, a space of approximately 45cm should be sufficient.

Garlic Vigor bulbs will be happy in full sun, and are tolerant in many soil types.

Once they are ready to harvest the foliage will turn a golden colour.

Carefully lift and put in a sunny, airy place to ripen.