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A few words from our customers

Mrs Hilary Williams

I just wanted to say how pleased I have been with my hanging baskets this year, they have been absolutely beautiful.

We have just returned from two weeks holiday and my neighbour has watered them for me, I half expected to come back and fined them starting to dye off, but it's the opposite, thank you for doing such a lovely job.

Jane Adams
Jane Adams

What a cracking job! I thought it would look good but I didn’t realise how good it would look. It even feels similar to real grass. The kids love it too. They asked me all about it

I’ve even sold my mower now I’m looking forward to spending my precious time in other ways without worrying about cutting the grass, feeding it or sweeping the autumn leaves off

A great improvement. Thanks again

John Peters
John Peters

Hello Philip and team.

Just a quick note to let you know my new synthetic lawn looks and feels absolutely superb!

At my age I don’t really have the energy or will to maintain a natural lawn and all that involves.

Although it was much more expensive compared to turf it’s a worthy investment and it will look great all year round!

Wyane Loads
Wayne Loads

I felt obliged to get in touch to let you know how very impressed I am with the work you carried out paving such a large area of my garden. It’s plain to see how much effort and expertise you and your team put into it doing such a good job using beautiful natural stone paving!

Also, the provision for drainage and electrical power works perfectly and the levels are faultless.

I will be recommending you to my friends and colleagues!

Absolutely delighted with our newly landscaped garden designed, developed and installed by Phillip Rutherford of Millstone Garden Centre.

Very professional people to deal with, friendly family firm.

Highly recommended.

Mrs Carol Rigg

Hi Tom,

Thanks so much for this – the service we received from your good self and Amalie are, as usual, superb!

I can’t believe I only phoned this morning and the slate is being delivered this afternoon and I already have the invoice showing I have paid.

Service with a smile as ever!

Thanks and have a very happy, safe holiday – you deserve it.

Carol xx

Gary Ramskill New Lawn
Gary Ramskill

An old, thatch ridden lawn transformed into a beautiful level lawn in two days.

Phil, Matthew and Jack are total professionals who worked non-stop and with great care.

I doubt if anyone else could have done a better and more thorough job.

I highly recommend Millstone Garden Centre for their landscaping.

Ann Schlachter

I can't praise this company enough.

Turf ordered 2.30pm ish, delivery as promised before 4pm, arrived 3.40pm.

Great quality and established and growing within 4 days - Now ready for cutting!

I am seriously thinking of turfing another large area as the quality of turf and service is exceptional.