Green Manure

Sowing Green Manure is a very cost-effective and Eco-friendly way of improving and protecting the soil in your vegetable plot or beds and borders during autumn and winter

Green manures are the organic way to improve soil fertility by adding valuable nitrogen, improving the soil structure, improving drainage and water retention, suppressing weeds and attracting beneficial insects and other predators.

These plants are quick growing, so the process is simple. You sow, they grow, and then you dig them in.

In just a few weeks green manure will benefit your soil!

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  • Green Manure – Phacelia

    Green Manure – Phacelia is a very useful, quick-growing, hardy annual green manure.

    Phacelia is particularly good for improving the quality of dry soils although is also suitable for all soil types and can be used as a summer/autumn manure or overwinter from a September sowing for spring digging-in.

    The attractive foliage quickly smothers weeds/seeds and its extensive root system improves the soil structure also greatly improving moisture retention and encourages worm activity.

    If phacelia is left to flower, it attracts many species of pollinating insects.

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    £1.65 Per 25m² (30yd²)
  • Green Manure – Field Beans

    Green Manure – Field Beans are a superb, inexpensive option for soil improvement and weed suppression when you have nothing planted in your veg plot.

    Usually sown in September/November annually, field beans are especially useful for improving heavier soils where their deep roots penetrate, break up the soil, improve moisture retention and fix valuable nitrogen!

    Sow in rows 20cm (8in) apart with aproximately 10cm (4in) between seeds.

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    £1.65 Per 6m² (7yd²)
  • Green Manure – Mustard

    Green Manure – Mustard is one of the fastest-growing green manures and a very vigorous weed suppressant.

    Green manure is one the best, inexpensive, eco-friendly ways to improve the quality of your soil, adding nutrients and organic matter and helping to suppress weeds and even protecting the soil from erosion by adding humus (fibrous organic matter).

    Mustard is perfectly suited to wet weather and most soil types.

    These seeds are all quick-growing (2-3 months) and can be sown from March through to August/September for over-wintering in most conditions.

    The green foliage should be dug-in before flowering!

    Height: 50cm (20in). Spread: 50cm (20in).

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    £1.65 Per 25m² (30yd²)
  • Green Manure – Clover Crimson

    Green Manure – Clover Crimson is an annual clover that produces a covering of weed-suppressing foliage used to add much-needed fibre and fixes nitrogen into the soil when not in use.

    This variety is usually dug-in before flowering, however, if left, will produce colourful crimson flowers that attract pollinating insects.

    Ideal for sandy, loamy and free draining soils to add humus, fertility, improve soil structure and boost moisture retention.

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    £1.65 Per 30m² (35yd²)