Vegetable Seeds – Fennel Rondo F1

Vegetable Seeds – Fennel Rondo F1

£2.15 Per 125 Seeds Packet

Vegetable Seeds – Fennel Rondo F1 is a quick-maturing fennel that produces very uniform white bulbs of superb quality.

It is easy to grow and is virtually pest & disease-free, also benefitting from resistance to bolting!

Matures 70-80 days from sowing.

This variety is good for Summer and Autumn production.

Rondo F1 has a great aniseed flavour, and the foliage can also be used as a garnish or briefly blanched.

Superb when picked young to add flavour to salads, sauces and salsas.

Fennel bulbs can also be harvested as baby vegetables for a special tasty twist.

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