Fruit Seeds – Sweet Pepper Thor F1

Fruit Seeds – Sweet Pepper Thor F1

£2.65 Per 7 Seeds Packet

Fruit Seeds – Sweet Pepper Thor F1 produces intense red, mild, sweet-flavoured peppers with long, horn-shaped fruits that are slightly curved and tapered with a thick skin.

The average size of the fruits are 6cm wide, 21cm long and you can easily harvest up to 50 fruits from one plant!

Peppers are best grown in a greenhouse, however, they can be successful when grown under a lean-to or other protected sunny position.

Pick the fruits as you need them – as fresh as possible, and zero waste!

A classic favourite in salads, snacks, sauces, salsas, barbecues and many other dishes!

Only feed occasionally.

Height 90cm (36″). Spread 45cm (18″).

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