Fruit Seeds – Sweet Pepper Lunchbox Mix

Fruit Seeds – Sweet Pepper Lunchbox Mix

£2.65 Per 6 Seeds Packet

Fruit Seeds – Sweet Pepper Lunchbox Mix is a colourful, healthy mix of mini sweet peppers that turn from green to yellow, red or orange when ripe. Produces gorgeous, sweet, crisp fruits!

These mini Peppers grow well on a sunny windowsill, protected window-box, lean-to, or ideally in a greenhouse and can be picked as you need them, so zero waste.

These small but heavy-cropping plants make ideal plants well-suited to hanging baskets, sunny balconies and patios.

The almost miniature fruits have a high sugar level that produces a natural, sweet flavour and are a great source of Vitamin C amongst many other beneficial compounds.

Only feed occasionally.

A classic favourite in salads, snacks, sauces, salsas, barbecues and many other dishes!

Height 90cm (36″). Spread 45cm (18″).

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