Like Rosemary, its sister herb in the Mint (Labitae) family, Sage contains a variety of volatile oils, flavonoids (including Apigenin, Diosmetin, and Luteolin), and Phenolic Acids, including the Phenolic Acid named after Rosemary, Rosmarinic acid

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This aromatic herb has a strong flavour that goes well with dishes featuring rich ingredients. Native to the Mediterranean region, Sage is a herb with delicate silver-green leaves. Its strong flavour compliments well with meat dishes and as we all know, is almost required in stuffings. Fresh or dried leaves make a great refreshing herbal tea

Sage likes well-drained to dry, neutral to alkaline soils in full sun, it dislikes damp conditions and low light in winter. Many cultivars have excellent ornamental value too. Prune back hard in early spring to promote bushy growth. Sage is a woody, hardy plant once established