Chilli Peppers

Chilli Peppers


When plants are about 20cm (8in) tall, or before if they start to lean, stake with a pea stick

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Pinch out the tops of peppers when they are about 30cm (12in) tall to encourage lots of branches

Plants are ready to go outside in late May or when all danger of frost has passed. Either plant directly into the ground, spacing them 18in apart or transfer them to 22.5cm (9in) pots to give them plenty of space to grow – remove the small Pea stick and cover with fleece or cloches. Alternatively, you can plant three Chilli Peppers in a standard growing bag. Three short sticks with strings will eventually be required to support taller cultivars

For a bumper crop make sure you water regularly, especially in hot weather and feed every two weeks with a general purpose liquid fertiliser. Feeding should start when the flowers first appear, usually while plants are still indoors, and should continue until the fruit have been harvested