Thyme contains Thymol, one of the more important essential oils, which has antiseptic/anti-fungal characteristics.

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The other volatile oils in Thyme include Carvacolo, Borneol and Geraniol. It also contains many flavonoid phenolic antioxidants like Zea-Xanthin, Lutein, Pigenin, Naringenin, Luteolin, and Thymonin. Fresh thyme has one of the highest levels of antioxidants among herbs

Thyme is a really versatile herb. It goes really well with other herbs and seasonings. It can be used chopped or whole and infuses a woodsy, rich flavour to any dish. Use it in soups and stews, adding to roasted vegetables and improving your favourite grilled or roasted foods

An evergreen woody-based perennial with small aromatic leaves and terminal whorls of small, 2-lipped, tubular, purple, pink or white flowers in late spring or summer. Easy to grow in most well-drained alkaline to neutral soils in full sun. Dislikes winter wet