Ailsa Aged Oak Scottish Whisky Barrel Planter – 71cm (28in) Diameter

£52.50 Each

These aged Oak Whisky barrels/casks make for the perfect rustic planter and are also ideal for creating a charming water feature.

Height: 38cm (15in) Diameter: 71cm (28in)

Watertight once re-soaked. Oak is a classic hardwood that lasts for many years and has a beautiful grain that improves with age.

We currently stock 3 diameter options, 63cm (25in), 71cm (28in) and 86cm (34in).

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Each of these Oak products starts life as a whisky cask, aged through numerous years maturing whisky around the world.

These casks are not just cut in half! Using traditional cooperage techniques, Ailsa Wood Products barrels are fully refurbished, tightened with new galvanised hoops where necessary and then painted and stained to bring new life to wood soaked in whisky history.

Proud to be coopered in the UK.