Ailsa New Birch Barrel Planter – 60cm (24in) Diameter

Ailsa New Birch Barrel Planter – 60cm (24in) Diameter

£48.00 Each

These new birch hardwood barrels/casks make for the perfect contemporary planter and are also ideal for creating a charming water feature.

Height: 30cm (12in) Diameter: 50cm (20in)

Watertight once soaked. Birch is a fantastic hardwood that lasts for many years and has a beautiful grain that improves with age.

We currently stock 2 diameter options, 50cm (20in) and 60cm (24in).

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Hand crafted from carefully selected, high-grade European Birch Hardwood.

Designed to bring a stylish, contemporary design to home, office and garden, this range of Arran planters feature a sharper, slightly scalloped edge, finished with natural galvanised steel hoops.

Proud to be coopered in the UK and certified FSC.