Wild Flower Seeds – Yellow Rattle

Wild Flower Seeds – Yellow Rattle

£1.80 Per 50 Seeds Packet

Wild Flower Seeds – Yellow Rattle is an essential addition to any wildflower area and produces delightful yellow flowers with seed heads that rattle.

Yellow Rattle is commonly found in grassy meadows and pastures throughout the UK and is perfect to sow in addition to a diverse wildflower area.

Yellow rattle seed is partially nurished by attaching itself to the roots of grass species and slowing its growth, it creates space for a wide range of wildflower seeds to flourish.

Perfect for adding colour to your beds, borders, a wild area or even to transform your lawn!

Height: 50cm (20in). Spread: 45cm (18in).

This plant produces beautiful flowers and is the perfect way to attract many types of pollinating insects to your garden!

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