Ornamental Seeds – Hardy Annuals Dwarf Mix

£1.90 Per 5g Packet

Ornamental Seeds – Hardy Annuals Dwarf Mix is a fantastic blend of varieties, perfect for splashes of colour towards the front of your borders and beds.

This carefully selected blend of dwarf plant seeds produces easy-to-grow, hardy annuals.

Pack contains: Arctotis, Brachycome, Calendula, Callistephus, Celosia, Centaurea, Chysanthemum Paludosum, Collinsia, Convolvulus Minor, Cosmos Sulphurous, Dianthus Chinensis, Gomphrena Globosa, Iberis Umbellata, Nemophila, Petunia Hybrid, Zinnia Elegans, Eschscholtzia Californica, and Orange King.

This blend produces masses of beautiful flowers and is the perfect way to attract many types of pollinating insects to your garden!

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