Wild Flower Seeds – Ragged Robin

Wild Flower Seeds – Ragged Robin

£1.75 Per 1000 Seeds Packet

Wild Flower Seeds – Ragged Robin is an elegant, moisture-loving plant that produces delicate, ragged, pink flower petals.

Ragged Robin thrives in wet and boggy soils and is perfect for adding a shower of colour to the edges of your pond or damp beds, borders and bog gardens.

Unfortunately, this plant is in real decline due to increased land drainage so you can help to preserve this beautiful plant by bringing it into your garden.

As long as the soil stays moist, you can grow it anywhere.

Perfect for adding colour to your beds, borders, a wild area or even to transform your lawn!

Height: 45cm (18in). Spread: 45cm (18in).

This plant produces beautiful flowers and is the perfect way to attract many types of pollinating insects to your garden!

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