Vitax Q4 Multi-Purpose Compost – 56 Litre

Vitax Q4 Multi-Purpose Compost – 56 Litre

£10.00 Per 56 Litre Bag

Vitax Q4 Multi-Purpose Compost is a top quality compost based on the finest Irish moss peat containing a balanced range of plant foods, nutrients, trace elements and fibre.

Whether you’re looking for a suitable compost for seed-sowing, potting, planting-out or for pots, planters, borders, window boxes and hanging baskets, Q4 Multipurpose Compost is the perfect solution and a great all-round growing medium.

Unlike some composts, Q4 multi-purpose compost contains a special wetting agent to improve water retention, enabling the peat to soak up and retain water rapidly, even when the compost has dried out.

This compost contains enough plant foods for up to six weeks after planting.

For best results, start feeding with a suitable liquid feed after six weeks at weekly intervals.

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