Vitax Grower Traditional Pot Bedding Compost – 75 Litre

Vitax Grower Traditional Pot Bedding Compost – 75 Litre

£13.95 Per 75 Litre Bag

Vitax Grower Traditional Pot Bedding Compost is formulated for raising bedding pots, trays, hanging baskets, containers and tubs.

Vitax’s traditional pot bedding compost is produced from graded Irish Moss Peat harvested from their own peat mire, and blended at their plant in County Kildare, Ireland.

It has a pH of 6 so is well-suited to supporting all species of plants.

The peat is medium age, light brown colour, and provides excellent aeration and unmatched water-holding capacity.

This nutrient-rich composition fosters robust root systems, vibrant foliage, and increased flower and fruit production.

This compost has excellent aeration qualities, preventing soil compaction and enhancing oxygen circulation to plant roots. This aids in improving soil structure and overall soil health.

Vitax Grower Composts are supplied with sufficient nutrients for 4-6 weeks. After this period it is recommended that liquid fertilisers are applied at regular intervals for supplementary feeding and for best results.

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Moss peat-based compost offers a plethora of benefits that make it an excellent choice for enhancing soil fertility and promoting healthy plant growth.

Moss peat is highly absorbent, allowing it to retain moisture efficiently. This property ensures that plants receive a steady water supply, reducing the frequency of watering and preventing drought stress.

Additionally, moss peat compost is lightweight, making it easy to handle and apply to various gardening projects.

Lastly, using moss peat-based compost is eco-friendly, as it promotes sustainable practices by utilising renewable resources.

Overall, this compost variant proves to be a valuable ally in nurturing flourishing and resilient gardens.