Solabiol Top Lawn Plus Natural Lawn Feed 3.5kg 88sqm




Solabiol® Top Lawn Plus is a fertiliser that has been developed to help make lawn maintenance easier. It is well-balanced formulation allows to sustainably feed the grass and improve the soil. The result: a green and dense lawn, resistant throughout the season. It can be used both on established and young lawns, without risk of scorching. Solabiol® Top Lawn Plus is also ideal at the end of winter on a damaged lawn, to revitalise it before spring.   By carefully selecting raw materials of natural origin, suitable for organic farming, Solabiol® embraces an ethical approach of sustainable development. Solabiol® commits to offering products respectful of your plants and the environment, whilst guaranteeing beautiful and healthy plants in harmony with nature.

    • Fast green up
    • Feeding lasts for up to 100 days
    • 100% naturally effective
    • For use on all types of lawns
    • Covers up to 88sqm

Available sizes: