Herb Seeds – Creeping Thyme – Thymus Serpyllum

Herb Seeds – Creeping Thyme – Thymus Serpyllum

£1.60 Per 400 Seeds Packet

Herb Seeds – Creeping Thyme – Thymus Serpyllum is a classic, favourite herb with a very aromatic flavour, used across the world in many delightful recipes.

Thyme is one of the most useful herbs, being well suited for adding vibrant flavour to stuffing, a must in a bouquet garni, superb in sauces, soups, oils & vinegars, breads, butter, and of course, vegetables, meat and fish!

It is also packed full of nutrients, antioxidants, and also has other medicinal qualities.

It is perfectly suited to growing in pots, planters, rock gardens, beds and borders, in fact, anywhere!

Ideal for creating low-level matt-forming groundcover that produces tiny, pink flowers.

Thyme is a strong, evergreen plant and particularly useful in coastal areas where it copes well with wind, salt and dry conditions.

It performs best in a warm and sunny situation and easily blends-in with other ornamental plants.

This plant produces beautiful flowers and is the perfect way to attract many types of pollinating insects to your garden!

Height: 30cm (12in). Spread: 35cm (14in).

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