Fruit Seeds – Tomato Mountain Magic F1

Fruit Seeds – Tomato Mountain Magic F1

£2.95 Per 6 Seeds Packet

Fruit Seeds – Tomato Mountain Magic F1 is the pinnacle of Campari-type tomatoes that produces exceptionally sweet, medium-sized, globe-shaped fruits with incredible disease resistance.

This top-performing F1, cordon-trained variety is best grown in a greenhouse, however, performs very well in a sunny position in your veg plot, border, lean-to, grow-bag and planter.

Not only does it have robust resistance to early blight, it also has genetic resistance to both verticillium and fusarium-wilt alongside resistance to cracking.

Mountain Magic F1 develops a high sugar-level from its grape-tomato breeding heritage.

Each plant can produce up to 200 tomatoes!

Height: 200cm (79″). Spread: 50cm (20″).

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