Salad Seeds – Leaf Rocket Astra

Salad Seeds – Leaf Rocket Astra

£1.60 Per 500 Seeds Packet

Salad Seeds – Leaf Rocket Astra produces very fine, scalloped leaves with a superb peppery flavour and make an attractive addition to gourmet salad bowls.

Rocket Astra is a vigorous, British-bred variety with superb bolting tolerance even under poor soil or adverse weather conditions.

When blanched, Rocket also makes a great alternative to Spinach.

This easy to grow salad vegetable can be harvested in approximately 21 days from sowing and is ideal for growing all-year-round when grown in an unheated greenhouse or under cloches during the cold months.

Grows well in pots, planters and borders!

It’s very quick and easy to grow and can be eaten as a micro-green, baby leaf or left to mature.

Height and spread: 15cm (6″) if harvested regularly or up to 60cm (24″) if left uncropped.

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