Green Manure – Mustard

Green Manure – Mustard

£1.65 Per 25m² (30yd²)

Green Manure – Mustard is one of the fastest-growing green manures and a very vigorous weed suppressant.

Green manure is one the best, inexpensive, eco-friendly ways to improve the quality of your soil, adding nutrients and organic matter and helping to suppress weeds and even protecting the soil from erosion by adding humus (fibrous organic matter).

Mustard is perfectly suited to wet weather and most soil types.

These seeds are all quick-growing (2-3 months) and can be sown from March through to August/September for over-wintering in most conditions.

The green foliage should be dug-in before flowering!

Height: 50cm (20in). Spread: 50cm (20in).

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