Yucca rostrata Blue Swan




Yucca Rostrata, Blue Swan. 
The Yucca Rostrata is a beautiful, tall, relatively slow growing sculptural yucca perfect for providing a dramatic accent to your garden design.
One of the most cold tolerant, it is hardy to drought as well as severe cold when established, down to temperatures of -15 degrees. It’s thin, pale blue/silvery leaves are slightly waxy and are arranged in an attractive symmetrical rosette. This is a remarkably beautiful Yucca.


Latin Name: Yucca Rostrata.

Common Name: Beaked Yucca.Silver Yucca. Big Bend Yucca.

Native to: Northern Mexico, Southern Texas.

Hardiness: Hardy down to -15 degrees or lower.

Growth Characteristics: Slow growing and usually single trunked, although branching can occur. Grey-blue narrow foliage arranged in an attractive rosette.

Sunlight: Full sun.

Exposure: Exposed.

Soil: Well drained soil.

Moisture: Water during growing season, sparingly in winter if not at all.