Westland Decorative Mini Bark Chippings – 70 Litre Bag

Westland Decorative Mini Bark Chippings – 70 Litre Bag

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Westland Decorative Mini Bark Chippings  Bark gives a highly decorative, low-maintenance finish for small borders and containers.

Mini Bark chippings are perfect for creating low maintenance beds, borders and planters by reducing the need for frequent weeding and therefore the amount of time spent weeding.

Mulch is also very effective at slowing evaporation so helping keep your soil moist during dry weather.

It can also be used to create rustic, natural pathways through your garden creating a more wild look.

Perfect for filling in any gaps between loosely arranged slabs, crazy paving and stepping-stones.

Additionally, the bark is produced from responsible conifer plantations which are grown for the timber industry and are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).


  • Made from renewable sources
  • Excellent moisture retaining properties
  • Insulates roots
  • Suppresses weed growth
  • Ideal for small borders and around young plants
  • Ideal for decorative purposes and low maintenance gardening
  • Use all year round
  • Covers an area 2.2m x 0.5m at 5cm deep
  • 8-20mm Mini chips
  • Specially screened for a highly decorative finish

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