Herb Seeds – Green Mint – Mentha Viridis

Herb Seeds – Green Mint – Mentha Viridis

£1.60 Per 1000 Seeds Packet

Herb Seeds – Green Mint – Mentha Viridis is the essential ingredient in mint sauce, goes especially well with lamb, and is used to flavour peas and potatoes.

Green mint leaves and flowers have many uses including adding to boiled or steamed potatoes, it makes a delightful mint tea which is both invigorating and very healthy, and an important ingredient in cold drinks including cracking cocktails!

Mint is best grown in pots or planters as it is a very vigorous plant and would soon take over your herb garden.

It is easy to grow and is tolerant of most conditions and requires very little maintenance.

Mint is also packed full of nutrients, antioxidants, and also has other medicinal qualities.

This plant produces beautiful flowers and is the perfect way to attract many types of pollinating insects to your garden!

Height: 60cm (24in). Spread: 60cm (24in).

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