Grit/Sharp Sand – 20kg Bag

Grit/Sharp Sand – 20kg Bag

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A locally sourced general purpose sand suitable for screening and external rendering, laying slabs and block paving.

The sand is also used for mixing mortars, renders and bricklaying projects where a smooth yet strong finish is required.

Grit sand also provides excellent drainage and aeration properties when used to loosen clay-heavy soils that would otherwise be unworkable and waterlogged.

A favourite ingredient when mixing potting media.

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Grit/Sharp Sand – 20kg Bag

In horticultural use the larger grain structure of grit sand provides excellent drainage and can be used to loosen clay-heavy soils that would otherwise be waterlogged.

It’s frequently used as a component of potting soil mix, again to aid drainage and prevent developing roots from rotting due to being exposed to too much water.


  • Sharp sand is a coarser grade of sand than other types
  • Add to clay-heavy soil to aid drainage and improve waterlogged areas
  • Commonly used to mix concrete and other cementitious renders
  • Use grit sand in potting mix to improve drainage and prevent root rot
  • Angular, jagged grains so not suitable for use in playgrounds or sandpits
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable