Bulk Golden Angular Flint Gravel – 20mm – 0.3 Ton – 300 kg

Bulk Golden Angular Flint Gravel – 20mm – 0.3 Ton – 300 kg

£42.00 Per 0.3 Ton

Bulk Golden Angular Flint Gravel – 20mm is a fantastic mix of warm, golden colours with a great texture and a lovely audible crunch when walked or driven over.

It is also sometimes referred to as Solent Gravel, Corn Gravel or Yellow Shingle and has a stunning combination of yellows, creams and browns to create a durable, modern, warm, stylish look in your outdoor space.

Bulk Golden Angular Flint Gravel is also perfect for filling in irregular gaps between loosely arranged slabs, crazy paving & stepping-stones, ground cover, drainage and other landscaping applications.

Due to the sound the gravel makes when walked or driven on, gravel adds an extra level of household security.

Gravel is incredibly forgiving, quick and simple for anyone to lay, offers good coverage and is great value-for-money when compared with alternative paving solutions.

With its distinctively angular shape and durable nature, this gorgeous golden brown flint gravel is guaranteed to brighten up any space.

Like most types of gravel, golden flint gravel becomes more vibrant when wet!

Further discount applies for larger quantities!

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