Weedol Pathclear 3 tubes for 60 sq mts

Weedol Pathclear 3 tubes for 60 sq mts


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Weedol Pathclear Weedkiller tubes contain a liquid concentrated weedkiller that is convenient and easy to use, simply mix a tube with water and pour over weeds.

The specialised formula kills the leaves and roots of existing weeds and prevents new weeds growing for up to three months.

Can be used in a watering can or pressure sprayer.

Apply Weedol Pathclear Weedkiller to an area only once each year.

Size: 3 Tube Pack

How Weedol PathClear Weedkiller Works:

  • Glyphosate kills the existing weed down to the root
  • Diflufenican prevents new weeds from germinating
  • Creates an invisible barrier with up to 3 months protection