Vegetable Seeds – Pea Early Onward

Vegetable Seeds – Pea Early Onward

£1.70 Per 350 Seeds Packet

Vegetable Seeds – Pea Early Onward is an RHS award-winning variety that produces prolific crops of round-ended pods packed full of peas with a succulent texture and sweet flavour.

Produces superb yields of straight pods approximately 8cm (3in) long, with 6-8 peas per pod.

Early Onward is a popular wrinkle-seeded variety that can be harvested some 2 weeks earlier than it’s relation, Onward.

Also perfectly suited to growing in pots, planters and containers although it does need support!

Early Onward will crop around 10 days earlier than the standard onward variety.

Height: 60cm (24in) Spread: 80cm (32in)

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