Vegetable Seeds – Pea Douce Provence

Vegetable Seeds – Pea Douce Provence

£1.95 Per 350 Seeds Packet

Vegetable Seeds – Pea Douce Provence is a compact, very early, reliably heavy-cropping variety that produces superb-tasting peas with a succulent texture.

Douce Provence only reaches a height of 45cm so requires only minimal support.

When sown in Autumn/Winter, this variety will produce one of the earliest pea crops compared to some other varieties!

Douce Provence overwinters well, however, it benefits from added protection in cold winters to protect tender new shoots.

It can be sown from February to July to provide great successional sowing and crops later in May to October.

Water well when flowering and pick regularly to encourage further pods.

Pea Douce Provence makes an excellent variety for containers and pots.

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