Vegetable Seeds – Carrot Eskimo F1

Vegetable Seeds – Carrot Eskimo F1

£1.95 Per 400 Seeds Packet

Vegetable Seeds – Carrot Eskimo F1 is one of the most cold-tolerant varieties available.

This hardy Carrot can cope with temperatures down to -10°C when grown in lighter, loam-rich soils.

The deep rich orange, cylindrical roots can be lifted late in the season or even left in the ground to over-winter in free-draining soil.

This top quality, RHS AGM variety has superb resistance to splitting and retains its flavour throughout the autumn and winter.

Height: 30cm (12″). Spread: 15cm (6″).

These vigorously growing roots are wonderfully crunchy with a gorgeous, sweet flavour packed full of super-healthy vitamins, minerals and fibre.

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