Green 60cm – 24in High Fortetub Tree Shelters are the professional choice for protecting whips & saplings from damage from mammals, parasites and other environmental issues.

In more rural areas, rabbits, badgers, squirrels, deer, voles and other species can destroy a single cherished tree to hundreds in days.

Create the ideal growing environment for your newly planted whips and hedging plants!

The Fortetub range of tree shelters is now a firmly established product among the leading forestry organisations throughout the UK.

This twin-walled range of tree shelters is available in three heights; 60cm, 75cm and 120cm.

With long, adjustable cable ties, a weak splitting point down the side of the tube and a flared rim at the top, these shelters are excellent for protecting trees in their early years of life.

Adjustable diameter of between 75mm and 100mm.

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