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F1 Trailing Geraniums – Various colours

Trailing Geraniums - various colours

F1 Trailing Geraniums – Various colours


Trailing Pelargoniums commonly called Geraniums make an ideal plant for pots, planters, hey feeders, baskets, beds, borders or even house plants

Sold as single plants, they’re available in various colours

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These colourful trailing Geraniums, correctly named Pelargoniums, are perfect for adding colour and structure to your hanging baskets, hay feeders or patio planters. Available in numerous colours, Pelargoniums are a classic choice to add to your chosen mix of flowering plants

These mostly evergreen and tender plants also make great houseplants. Our  Pelargoniums are previously hardened so you can plant them outside straight away for instant vibrant colour

Approximate height and spread: 10-90cm (4in-3ft) high, 7-50cm (3-20in) wide

Most varieties need full sun, some will tolerate partial shade

Although technically perennial, Pelargoniums are only semi hardy and are normally treated as annuals within the UK, despite this and with care, they may be overwintered in a greenhouse that is frost free

Water baskets, planters and hey feeders regularly, especially in dry weather to prevent the compost from drying out. If the compost has been allowed to dry out, briefly pre-water to re-wet the compost, wait a couple of minutes, then water again to allow the soil to absorb the water fully

You may choose to consider investing in a watering system to ensure constant moisture in the compost and to make watering much more convenient. We stock a range of Watering Systems

Get in touch to discuss which option best suits your requirements

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