Sham Minima Glauca


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False cypress, especially Lawson cypress varieties, are very popular for their variable shapes, leaf types and colours.

Minima Glauca is exactly the type of plant that will give up any race with time before it even starts. In other words it grows very slowly (some 5 cm a year) forming a globular shrub with flattened sprays of deep green needles with light blue green overlay.

Many garden enthusiasts purchase small plants so that in 10-15 years they can show their friends and fellow-gardeners how well it has done since comparing the existing plant with old pictures. It is not boasting, it is the typical gardener’s pride. The thing is that when it is some 10-15 years old it can really look very attractive giving away the age with density. So choose this beauty a perfect spot in your garden where it will complement other plants nearby.