Seed Potato “Foremost” – First Early

£1.90 Per kg

Seed Potato “Foremost” – First Early is an all-time-favourite that reliably produces a great crop of flavoursome and versatile, white-skinned potatoes.

If harvested early, its light flesh has a firm, waxy texture but even when fully mature they usually hold together well when steamed, fried or boiled.



We bring you the latest varieties developed for performance and selected for their unique attributes such as high yields, ease-of-growing, high disease-resistance and fabulous flavour!

Includes First Earlies, Second Earlies, Maincrop & Salad varieties.

Potatoes like a well-drained, fine sandy loam soil, high in organic matter is preferred.

Heavy clay soils should be improved with organic matter and by adding aged manure or compost with supplimentary sand to improve drainage. Be aware, applying too much manure can increase the incidence of potato scab.

We stock a great range of soil improvements to ensure all of your fruit and vegetables grow well and healthy.