Salad Seeds – Leaf Mixed Oriental Leaves

£1.60 Per 200 Seeds Packet

Salad Seeds – Leaf Mixed Oriental Leaves produces a convenient, superb blend of oriental flavours, colours and textures, perfect in any salad!

Leaf Mixed Oriental Leaves is ideal for sowing in succession so you can pick the leaves as you need them.

Can also be grown under a cloche, fleece or in a polytunnel during the winter months to provide a complete season of harvesting.

This mixture contains 17% Mibuna, 16% Mustard Red Giant, 17% Pak choi shanghai, 17% Komatsuma Tender green, 17% Mizuna, and 16% Chinese Cabbage Wonk Bok

Grows well in pots, planters and borders.

It’s very quick and easy to grow and can be eaten as a micro-green, baby leaf or left to mature.

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