Rat Trap Qick Click

Rat Trap Qick Click


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  • Reusable traps for rats: The plastic design of the rat traps makes them easy to clean once catch is disposed of, offering a more hygienic alternative to traditional wooden snap traps
  • Triple pack of rat traps: For added value, three rat traps are included for the price of two. Suitable for catching rats in indoor situations such as the home or other sheltered locations including sheds, garages, offices, attics, cupboards, and caravans
  • Powerful mechanism: The improved mechanism is easier to set than traditional snap traps for rats and still provide a quick and effective kill
  • Easy to set: The rat traps simply need squeezing to set. Captures can easily be disposed of by squeezing the trap back open
  • Re-bait with The Big Cheese Mouse and Rat Attractant (STV163, sold separately)