Prunus Cerasifera – Cherry Plum

Prunus Cerasifera – Cherry Plum

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Prunus Cerasifera – Cherry Plum or Myrobalan, produces red, orange-to-yellow, plum-like fruit approximately the size of a cherry with a sweet and tart flavour.

Once you bite through the super thin skin, the cherry plum will reveal golden flesh and a very small stone.

The delightfully soft texture complements the initial burst of sweetness and a tart aftertaste similar to cranberries.

Prunus Cerasifera is an upright, rounded, twiggy, deciduous tree producing delightful, small white flowers in early spring as the leaves open.

The pinkish red fruits only mature in a hot summer.

The cherry plum itself is perfectly round and extremely small in size, measuring only about two or three centimeters wide.

Often confused with the Sloe or Blackthorn, the Cherry Plum, is a deciduous tree introduced into Britain about 300 years ago.

It flowers slightly earlier than the Sloe, but with similar abundant white flowers covering the whole plant in mid-February.

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