You can grow peppers in containers, growbags or in open ground as long as it is a hot, sunny spot (at the base of a wall for instance)

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Transfer plants to 30cm (12in) pots of good compost once the roots fill the 9cm (3in) pot in late April (if growing in a heated greenhouse), mid-May (if in an unheated greenhouse) or late May if growing outside. Keep away from frost

Alternatively, plant 45cm (18in) apart if growing in the soil. Pinch out the growing tips of Peppers when they are about 20cm (8in) tall to encourage bushiness; sideshoots (the shoots forming between the main stem and leaves) can be further pinched back if you want lots of smaller fruit

You may need to stake and tie in plants if they are likely to produce lots of heavy fruit

Water regularly and feed with a high potash liquid fertiliser once the first fruit has set