Miracle-Gro Premium Mediterranean & Citrus Compost 8 Litre


A Premium Compost, specially formulated to cater the needs of Mediterranean type of plants like Bougainvillea, Palm and Citrus trees.

Its unique formulation with all the vital minerals provides the ideal PH to ensure a long life full of flowers, fruits and glossy green leaves.

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How to use

Potting: Place Miracle-Gro Premium Mediterranean & Citrus Compost in the bottom of the pot and put the root ball on top of this layer. Fill in around the edges with more compost ensuring the top feeder roots are covered with 2cm of fresh compost. Water well and keep in the shade for a few weeks to allow new roots to grow.

Watering: In hard water areas use rainwater whenever possible to maintain the slightly acid conditions of the compost. Allow the surface to dry out between waterings, then water thoroughly but do not allow to stand in water.

Feeding: Citrus trees actively grow all year round. In summer they produce new leaves and flowers and in Winter the fruits ripen. As a result of this activity they need to be fed year round. during the growing season and stop feeding completely during the winter. From March to September feed every two weeks with a balanced feed such as Miracle-Gro® All Purpose Soluble Plant Food for bushy growth and to prevent fruit drop and leaf yellowing.

Temperature: During winter keep the plants in a cool, but frost-free place such as a cool conservatory; greenhouse or unheated room. Aim for a minimum temperature of 10°C.

Where to use

Ideal for Mediterranean type of plants like bougainvillea, Palm trees, Orange trees, Lemon trees and Lime trees.

Perfect for use in pots, containers and hanging baskets.

When to use

From March to September.