Millstone Garden Centre Bulk Grass Seed – Amenity

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Millstone Garden Centre Bulk Grass Seed – Amenity is an expertly blended mix of 3 varieties of grass seeds to provide the perfect solution to growing a hard-wearing lawn perfect for more active use such as sport or a play area.

This grass seed formulation has been specially developed for amenity use.

Our Amenity blend includes

  • “Nui” Lilium Perenne – 73.5%
  • “Vermillion” Lolium Perenne – 6.5%
  • “Woodall” Festuca Rubra Commutata – 20%

We sell this superb blend by weight, so please either visit our garden centre or get in touch for prices and further information!

We stock and supply bulk, weed-free, light, top-quality topsoil to help ensure the perfect seed bed for your perfect lawn.

If you prefer to do it yourself, we also stock a wide range of hand tools for the perfect finish.

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