Levington Rose Tree & Shrub Compost 50 Litre


A Premium Compost, specially formulated to cater the special needs of roses, trees and shrubs.

Its patented Smart Fibre™ and Waterlock™ technologies with the availability of all the nutrients, NPK and trace elements, ensure that your plants will thrive.

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How to use

Planting out: Water the plant thoroughly. Dig a hole twice as big as the root ball. Part fill the hole with a mix of 50% soil and 50% Levington® Rose, Tree and Shrub Compost. Ensure the plant is at the same level as in the pot. To provide stability for taller plants a stake may be hammered into the ground and the plant loosely tied to it. Fill in firmly and water.

Watering: For best results ensure that the soil around the plant does not dry out in the first seasons. To help conserve water around precious plants, apply a mulch, such as Levington Water Saving Bark. This will also suppress weeds.

Feeding: Levington® Rose, Tree and Shrub compost contains season long feed for the first season, no feeding is required. We recommend that plants are fed with Miracle-Gro® Rose and Shrub Plant Food, so that they continue to grow with abundance in the following seasons.

Where to use

Rose, tree and shrub compost is ideal for Shrubs, Trees, Roses, Hedging Fruit Bushes, including ericaceous plants (acid loving, lime hating plants).

Planting bare root outdoor roses, trees, shrubs, moving or planting established and container plants.