Levington Orchid Compost – 10 Litre

Levington Orchid Compost – 10 Litre

£4.99 Per 10 Litre Bag

Levington Orchid Compost – 10 Litre is designed specially to care for your delicate orchids with its free-draining blend of bark and peat.

Its unique formulation contains all the necessary nutrients and pieces of quality pine bark to provide the perfect environment for your Orchids to thrive.


  • Has a bark based free draining structure for healthy growth
  • Bark gives an open structure to the compost and ensures good drainage
  • This is free draining blend makes Levington Orchid Compost the ideal environment for growing healthy orchids in: Pots, Tubs and Hanging Baskets.
  • Use the compost directly from the bag.
  • Do not mix with other materials. Firm only lightly.

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