These Cucumbers are guaranteed all-Female to ensure successful and reliable cropping

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Cucumbers can be grown in the ground, pots or in growing bags. Home-grown Cucumbers taste fabulous and they’re as fresh as it gets!

Transfer young plants to 25cm (10in) pots of good potting compost. Keep the compost evenly moist – little and often is the best way. You can also use growing-bags but plants will need to be carefully watered and looked after

Train the main stem up a vertical wire or cane. Pinch out the growing point when it reaches the roof. Pinch out the tips of sideshoots two leaves beyond a female flower (recognisable by tiny fruits behind flower). Pinch out tips of flowerless sideshoots once they reach 60cm (2ft) long

Keep the humidity high by watering the floor and, once planted out, feed every 10-14 days with a balanced liquid fertiliser