Onions need a sunny, sheltered site in well-drained soil. Avoid planting on freshly-manured ground as this can lead to rotting

Onions are best suited for growing in the open ground, but you could grow a short row or two in large, deep containers or raised beds. They are not suitable for growbags Plant onion sets 10cm (4in) apart in rows 30cm (12in) apart from mid-March to mid-April. Gently push the sets into soft, well-worked soil so that the tip is just showing, and firm the soil around them.

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  • Onion Sets “Turbo” – Spring planting

    Onion Sets “Turbo”  (Spring planting) is a golden-brown skinned variety, it’s late maturing and produces good yields of medium-sized onions.

    The rounded bulbs have a papery, thin skin with crisp, firm flesh and a deliciously strong flavour that is suitable for use in cooking and delicious eaten raw in salads and sandwiches.

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  • Onion Sets “Red Baron”

    Onion Sets “Red Baron” is a mid-late maturing variety. Produces firm, flattish-round bulbs of a beautiful dark red colour. With eye-catching red rimmed flesh and a stronger flavour than most varieties.

    This RHS AGM variety makes an attractive addition to salads. An excellent cropping red onion with good storage properties.

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  • Onion Sets “Sturon”

    Onion Sets “Sturon” is a flavourful variety that produces round-ish, straw-coloured onions that typically mature in August.

    This Onion is great for storage and can produce high yields. Can also be used for growing onion sets.

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  • Shallot Sets “Golden Gourmet”

    Shallot Sets “Golden Gourmet” are the easiest way to grow shallots in your garden! Planted very early in the season, in mid-February if possible, they mature faster than those grown from seed.

    Golden Gourmet’ is a very high yielding, Dutch variety that can be harvested as early as July.

    It has a golden brown skin, stores well and has better resistance to bolting than many other varieties.

    Superb for pickling and general cooking when extra strength is required.

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