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Coronavirus Update

We're very pleased to announce we're now fully open  to the public, although we are  strictly adhering to physical distancing

We are still able to take telephone orders and deliver  your much needed vegetable plants, composts, ornamental plants & trees, turf, topsoil, sleepers, aggregates and our whole range of products

Get in touch to discuss your requirements

Coronavirus Update

Decorative Aggregates

Eyecatching, low maintenance, quick and simple to lay to any path shape, it also suppresses weeds while providing surface drainage

Numerous types, colours, shapes, sizes and textures

Available in bulk or bagged, we can usually deliver the same day, or you can schedule delivery for a specific day and time-frame

We also provide bespoke preparation and laying services, Get in touch to discuss your requirements

Eyecatching, low maintenance, quick and simple to apply

Fruiting Trees and Shrubs

Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Currants, Berries, Citrus trees, even Grapes!

Fruit trees can be planted in larger planters or pots

We have a great selection that will not only bring some beauty to your garden, but also provide a tasty addition to your desserts, conserves, juices, home made wine or just a healthy snack or lunch box filler

We recommend you improve the soil around the plants to ensure healthy growth and reliable fruit production. We stock a comprehensive range of Composts, Mulches and plant feed

Also in stock, various plant support, including on-the-roll sheet materials

Please ask for FREE expert advice regarding the best fitting pest-control for your fruit

Cherry Trees

Synthetic Lawn Grass

It's the high-tech, low maintenance, super-durable, aesthetically pleasing-all-year-round, time & money saving innovation to suit lawn lovers

You'll be surpised how much artificial grass has moved on! This grass would fool even the most avid groundsman

There's also a rich and varied selection of options for colour mix, texture, leaf shape and length

Save money & time by not needing to use a lawnmower

No mowing, no fuel requirements, no mower repairs or maintenance and no mower storage!

Supplied only from £16.50 to £36.75 per sq metre

Please get in touch for a site visit and a quotation to supply and fit this fantastic option

Want the real thing? We prepare the ground, supply and lay quality locally grown living Turf

Synthetic Grass Lawn

Freshly Cut Quality Turf

We have a great reputation for supplying top quality Turf, and with over 40 years experience, we can guarantee that our easy care Turf is of the highest quality that retains a luxury appearance with durability

We provide a speedy professional service and are proud to be turf suppliers to many professional local Landscapers who require the highest quality. We also provide a personal service to many satisfied local gardeners who have used our turf to create their own top-notch lawn

Please get in touch for up-to-date prices

Bulk trade supply also available

Our same-day delivery service costs are based on quantity and distance. Please ask for a quotation!

We can of course lay the turf for you as part of our comprehensive professional Landscaping services

Freshly Cut Quality Turf

Quality Screened Topsoil

Our Quality Peat-free Screened Light Topsoil is the perfect partner for the preparation of your soil. It's sandy, light, weed-free consistency helps create the perfect surface that can be easily levelled, trodden and raked to create a very fine finish prior to laying turf

It is Friable (it crumbles) even in wet weather conditions making it possible for anyone to easily lay a new lawn in any weather at any time of the year

We can supply any quantity you require. Please ask for a quotation

£3.45 per small bag
£22.00 per 1/3 tonne collected
£37.00 per 2/3 tonne collected
£54.00 per tonne collected

Bulk trade supply also available

Our same-day delivery service costs are based on quantity and distance. Please ask for a quotation!

The Perfect Partner for laying Turf
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